Mordecai Lincoln 1686-1736

HISTORIC HOME OF MORDECAI LINCOLN -- Once a powerful and plentiful family locally, the Lincolns of presidential fame and the Boones of pioneering fame were Berks County nativesMordecai Lincoln is our connection to President Abraham Lincoln.   He married twice, President Abraham Lincoln came from his first marriage with Hannah Salter.  After her death he married Mary Robeson which is our lineage.  Mordecai Lincoln was born and raised in Berks County, PA.    In an official survey, Landholders of Philadelphia County, 1734  it was recorded that Mordecai owned 500 acres in the Amity Township.  Mordecai owned the most property (besides one other man) in the Amity Township.

Lincoln Ancestry in Berks County

Among the early immigrants to the Colony of Massachusetts – or Massachusetts Bay, as it was called in colonial times – were the Lincolns from old England. Picture of Early Lincoln HomeThe first of the name from whom the President’s descent can be traced was Mordecai Lincoln, who is said to have been born at Hingham, near Boston, in 1657. The tradition that he was an “ironmonger” is strengthened by the fact that his son Mordecai followed that occupation. The latter, who was by the first wife, was born in 1686, and had two brothers, Abraham, born 1689, and Isaac, born 1691. The preference for Scriptural Christian names was followed in the family through many succeeding generations. By a second marriage, Mordecai, Sr., had other children, some of whose descendants remain in Massachusetts at this day. The son Mordecai, Jr., removed with his brother Abraham to East Jersey about 1717, acquiring lands in Monmouth county. He resided there until probably 1720, at which date, and down to 1726, he is found assessed as a taxable in Nantmeal and Coventry townships, Chester Co., Pa. That he was possessed of considerable estate, and was an ironmaster, appears from record evidence of his association with Branson and Nutt, pioneers of the iron industry in that State, in the erection of a forge at Coventry, on French creek. His one-third interest in this establishment, and the lands appurtenant, he sold to Branson for L500, in December, 1725. In 1726 he is designated as a resident of Chester county in a conveyance to him in that year of certain lands in New Jersey. On May 10th, 1732, he obtained from Thomas Millard, of Coventry, a conveyance of one thousand acres of land in that part of Amity township, Philadelphia county, now included in Exeter township, Berks county; the tract being a portion of sixteen hundred acres formerly belonging to Andrew Robeson. The date of this deed is conjecturally that of his first residence in what is now Berks county, though it is possible that he may have come there earlier. In 1732-33 he is found in commission as one of His Majesty’s Justices of the Peace.

His will dated Feb. 22, 1735 (O. S.), was proved June 7, 1736, indicating very nearly the date of his death. By it he divided his land in Amity township equally between his sons, Mordecai and Thomas, making provision contingently for an expected child, which, if a son, was to share the inheritance with his two brothers, each to take a third part. A certain tract of three hundred acres of land in the Jerseys he devised to his John, and other lands in the same Province to his daughters Ann and Sarah, leaving bequests to his remaining daughters, Hannah and Mary. His wife Mary received the residue of his personal estate, and the use of his plantation for life, being also constituted executrix. His friends Jonathan Robeson and George Boone were designated as her assistants in that office, according to a custom then prevalent.

The son John, who was by a former wife, was the lineal ancestor of President Lincoln. He subsequently sold his land in New Jersey, and emigrated to Rockingham county, Va., in 1765. This date is established from the tax lists of Berks county and the local records in Virginia in correspondence therewith. John had a son Abraham who went to Kentucky in 1782, and two years later was killed there by the Indians. Abraham left three sons, Mordecai, Josiah and Thomas. The president was the son of the last named, by his first wife, Nancy Hanks.“Biographies from Historical and Biographical Annals by Morton Montgomery.” Web. <;.


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